Thursday, February 9, 2012

Banners Banners Banners!! - Easy, cheap birthday decorations

If you are a crafter like me, you have tons of scrap crap lying around--paper, fabric, ribbon etc.  I love it!  So many times I don't have to buy ANYTHING to make something really great (or at least I think its great and that's what matters right? hah!)  One of the things I love to make is party banners because they can be free and they can also make a big statement.

The first one I did was for my daughter's minnie mouse birthday which worked out great because I had just finished doing her minnie mouse room so I had a lot of fabric and embellishments.

These are foam flowers I bought at Michaels

For the cardboard birthday, we used corrugated cardboard and it added some fun texture!

For Christmas I bought some fabric squares from walmart for under $3 and used some ribbon I already had

(excuse the bad pic)

I even made a cake topper banner out of left over straws from my daughters birthday party and scrapbook paper 

On new years, I couldn't find anything in my fabrics or scrapbooking papers and then , I spotted a gift bag in my closet that was perfect!  It was black and glittery! Even if you had to buy a gift bag, that is a very cheap banner!

Valentine's was easy because, with two little girls, I have a lot of pink fabric lying around. 

Feel free to share your banners in the comments! :)