Monday, January 9, 2012

Anthropologie Wandering Pleats Curtains

I have had one last window to cover in our new house since we moved here in October.  This is my craft loft (and my cat):

I bought curtains, hung them and returned them.  Nothing seemed to do justice to the table I love that sits in front.  Of course I could find curtains I love on Anthropolgie but they would cost 4 times more than the table.  I bought the antique table for $100 at a consignment shop and I love it!  Anyway, I took these curtains from the Anthropologie website as inspiration:
When I was digging through my scrap fabric, I found a muslin backdrop that I don't like to use because its impossible to keep the wrinkles out.  Luckily, it's huge so it was plenty of fabric to try out these curtains myself.  It's 10' x 20'
I cut (4) 8 inch wide strips down the long 20' side and pleated them.

I left the edges unfinished like they did.  Then I made 2 regular 84" curtain panels and attached them to the front.  They actually used a heavier fabric for the curtain (linen) than for the ruffles (voile) so if you attempt this and you don't already have something laying around to use, you can try to find the same type of fabrics they used in the same color (or dye it to match) but this was free so it works for me. :)
And Voila:

(2) 84" Anthropologie wandering pleats curtain panels $336.
(2) 84" homemade curtain panels: $0
woop woop!
If anyone wants more detailed instructions, let me know and I'll expand this post.  Thank you to my seamstress auntie for the tips. :)


  1. this looks so beautiful, Violet! I love your owls on either side too.
    what a great job you did <3

  2. Oooh! I like them even better than the Anthropologie ones! Nice work!