Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dumbo Circus Birthday

This post is late because I've been having domain issues :(
In the meantime, here is my daughter's 3rd birthday party from JULY.  oops.
She said she wanted a dumbo party which sounded WAY fun to me.  When you think of the circus/carnival angle, the possibilities are endless!

This was my first fondant cake.  Actually, my 2nd.  I did the exact one as a practice on 4th of July except instead of Dumbo in the center, I made a blue star.  The cake topper was made by Dan's Cake Creations.  If you send him a picture of the guest of honor (birthday girl/boy, bride/groom, retiree etc), he can make a cake topper in their likeness.  The best part is its made of clay so you can save it forever.  I have a collection of them on display in our entertainment center. 
They're supposed to look like clown noses. ;) I don't think I got a picture of the macaroons.  THey were red and blue cotton candy flavor.  VERY sweet!
And of course a Dumbo Fruit salad from my mom.

We kept the food simple with carnival type food like hotdogs

and popcorn

I wanted to have a photo booth but I couldn't throw a party and play photographer so I made sure to specify that it was an "iphone" photo booth so people could take their own pictures.  Here are some of the captures:

My girl blowing out her candles (wet from the waterslide).  Thanks for stopping by!

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