Friday, August 12, 2011

Fairy Tea Party

My baby turned 2 last month!!  My girls are very into the tinkerbell fairy movies.  So I wanted to do a fairy themed birthday for my July girl,  Unfortunately, its so hot here in July I really wasn't sure if we'd want to be outside so I had to get creative with indoor ideas to keep a dozen toddlers entertained.  That's when I decided to make it a fairy tea party.  It also helped to make it a girly event because that kept the numbers of guests down since my house isn't very big. 

This was the invitation I came up with using the silhouette of my girl I created.  If you remember, I blogged about that here.

The girls were able to pick out a tutu, wing and wand as soon as they entered.  This was also their party favor. 

I got that mirror off of craigslist for $25.  It was gold but looks SOOOO much better with a little glossy white spray paint.  It has now found its' home in the nursery of a very special baby.

I made a "dressing area" with a hula hoop and lots of tulle.

I cut a branch off of my parent's manzanita tree, painted it green, added some moss, butterflies, a bird, and a fairy.

This mosaic was a gift from my mom.  It's my girls in the teacup ride at Disneyland.  :)

This was the desert bar.  I never managed to get a picture of it without someone in the background.  hehe

I got the cute jewelry holder at Homegoods on my mothers day trip :)  I LOVE it. Especially with candy jewelry on it.

This was another AMAZING creation by Jamie at Yuma Couture Cakes.  She really out did herself with the detail on this one.  The mushrooms and rocks look SO real! And look at that fairy and her wings!

I made these mushroom cake pops by following instructions for cupcake pops.  I just used white as the base and red as the top instead of brown and pink.  I couldn't find all white confetti sprinkles so I had to pick them out of a mixed jar.  Even the mixed jar was hard to find but Jamie pointed me to Jeanies Party Supply here in Yuma and there they were!

I was excited to make these cookies in the shape of teapots, tea cups, butterflies, and flowers but then I didn't really like how they looked on the desert bar so they went on the food table.

My mom's fruit bowls are always a hit!  I think this might be my favorite so far!

When I put the vines and lanterns up, my 3 year old said "Look Mom, like the Fairy Tea Cup Ride at Disneyland".  That made me happy on so many levels.  I was impressed that 1) It actually looked how I meant it to and 2) that she would know that!  BTW I got those lanters from Polka Dot Market with the gift certificate I won!  Woohoo!

The fairies enjoyed their tea party on the mushroom table my husband and I made.

The girls got a special visit from my daughter's Fairy Godmother.  She brought Pixie Dust.

And did a story/song time

And there you have it!  We had a great day!  Thank you to everyone who made it so special for my big 2 year old!!

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  1. Hey there! I found your blog by searching for "fairy tea party invitations" for my daughter's 1st birthday party. The invitation you created is PERFECTION. Would you be willing to share the "editable" file with me? If so, please email me at cassandrawebb82 at yahoo dot com.

    Thanks so much! Your party was adorable!