Sunday, July 3, 2011

Toddler Chaise

One of my favorite stores here in Yuma is Ross.  I have been eyeing this hideous toddler chaise (and its twin sister) for months now.

The first time I saw them, I thought that I should get one, reupholster it, and use it for a photography prop.  But then I looked at the price tag.  "$80 (compared at 160)".  EIGHTY DOLLARS?  They're ugly!  No wonder they're in a discount store.  Who would pay $160 (or 80) for that??!!  So I forgot about it and moved on. 

A while later, I came back and they were both still there except they were dirty and one had some tears in the upholstery.  They must have been abused by customer's kids sitting on them waiting for their moms to finish shopping.  But alas, there was a price reduction.  $55.  FIFTY-FIVE DOLLARS!!  What?  It's dirty and it has holes in it!  Plus, it's ugly!!  Who would buy that? 

Everytime I came back they were both still there getting dirtier and the holes were getting bigger. So I thought surely they will have to mark it down.  No one is biting. 

Then today, I came in and saw ANOTHER price reduction $19.99.  Finally a reasonable price! So I grabbed one, took some leftover fabric I had and voila:
Not so ugly $20 chaise WAY better than ugly $80 chaise!

And it matches this lovely chair that my step dad had reupholstered for me when I graduated high school.  I'd been carrying the left over fabric around with me ever since.  I finally used it!

Well Yuma, there's one more left.  Someone better grab it before I do.  My kids are already fighting over it!  If you do, please send me an after picture.  You'll have to reupholster it because the one I left was the one with the holes.  Sorry ;)

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