Thursday, June 9, 2011

Minnie Mouse Birthday

This was my daughter's 3rd birthday in April.  I think kids' bedrooms and kids' parties are my FAVORITE things.  Thank God I have another daughter (born in July) so I get to do it all again soon!  I'm getting very excited already!

This was in the door way so it was the first things guests saw when they walked in.  These Mickeys and Minnies were the party favors.  My view on party favors is that I don't want to waste my money on a bunch of small things and bags when they get lost and broken before you even make it home from the party.  I like to get one good thing and make it part of the party.  Then you're killing 2 birds with one stone--decoration and party favors.  It doesn't even have to be more expensive.  I got these as a lot on ebay for $25!!  All in brand new condition with tags.  I already had the black rope and I used the pinchies from my girls' hangers to string them up. 

The dessert table had to be out of reach of toddler hands. :)
I made the pom poms aka kissing balls.  Look for a tutorial soon!  

  Jamie at Yuma Couture Cakes did the beautiful cake!  The "hat" topper is still in my daughter's room.  Jamie is AMAZING!  She came and personally delivered the cake the morning of.  I HIGHLY recommend her!

The cake pops were a hit!  A great toddler serving size!  I just made regular cake pops with Wilton melts as the ears (unmelted of course) and 2 hearts for bows. 

The banners were a random weekend thought.  I made them with scraps of fabric I already had laying around the house from other projects.  I did buy a few embellishments but overall maybe only spent about $20.

These hats were a last minute project.  My daughter said she wanted "Balloons, friends and candy" (In that order) at her birthday party.  Then the weekend before she threw in party hats.  They were probably my most expensive project because I didn't like how the minnies came out and remade them.  They are made out of felt so they are way more durable than the paper/cardboard ones.  My talented friend at She She made made the adorable dresses my girls wore!!  This dress is available on her website.

My mom has become famous for her custom fruit bowls.  She made this adorable minnie fruit bowl!  Fruit is always great at kids parties.  It's one thing most kids will actually eat!

Look for lots of Fairy projects coming soon for our next bash!!

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  1. You are so talented! Everything you make is so wonderful! And so are the things your Mom makes! Maybe someday I can be talented too!