Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A looooong weekend

I was a little antsy on Saturday and needed a project.  I had an idea for something above my bed but couldn't find what I was looking for.  I did however find a frame sale at Michaels.  I found these frames for about $8 each.  I also painted them because I wanted some color on the walls.  Each one has a wedding photo from my wedding.  Designing in threes:

I think my next project may be lamps for my nightstands.  You know the candle stick ones they always do on design on a dime?  Any other good inspirations out there?  I also need some pillows. 

Sunday I was antsy again so I took my kids to the Yuma Zoo also known as Petco.  I don't recommend it.  This could happen to you:

His name is still undecided.  I am taking votes:
1. Otis -to go with our dog named Milo.  I know Otis was the dog and Milo was the cat but we thought we'd change it up a bit.  Don't judge.
2. Achoo - My 3 year old's suggestion.  She's into fake sneezing these days
3. KC - as in Kitty Cat since that's what we all currently call him
4. Mak - My husbands initials

Thank goodness we had something to do on Monday.  Who knows what would have happened.  The holiday allowed me to channel my energy into something more cost-effective and patriotic:

I think my mom got that idea from a magazine when I was just a kid and we've been making it ever since. 

Do you ever get Memorial Day and Veterans Day confused? Mmmmmmm-Memorial Day is in Mmmmmmm-May and Veterans Day is in November.  I used to confuse those until a friend stressed the Ms and I never forgot again.  Now you won't either.  You are welcome and God Bless America!!!!!

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