Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Design on a nickel

So lets talk kid rooms.  One of my favorite things!  My daughter loves Mickey Mouse (and all his friends).  I may have inadvertantly influenced her since I am a bit of a Disney fan myself.

When we moved her from her crib to her big girl room, I knew I wanted to do something Mickey-ish but it had to still be girly and it had to be done in Disney style which is NOT bedspreads and curtains with characters all over them. 

I got with a friend of mine out here in Yuma, The Mad Muralist and started brainstorming.  I used actual rooms on Disney cruises and in their hotels for inspiration.  Anyway, this is what we came up with:

We have earthquakes in this corner or AZ so I never hang anything above the beds.  A mural seemed like a good alternative to a headboard or wall hanging:

Notice the dust ruffle?  My mom had the idea of adding some lace to make it look like Minnie's bloomers.

This is the Mickey Mouse Penthouse at Disneyland.  I love how its almost as if the creativity is oozing off the desk and onto the wall:

So the Mad Muralist incorporated minnie into this idea and "sketched" onto the wall around the desk.  I bought a rolltop desk, painted it pink, and replaced the hardware with some I found on ebay:

I love the little descriptions that are taken from Walt himself:

Napping has never been my daughters thing, so I wanted something to cover the windows and make it a little darker in there.  My uncle is an amazing artist and he painted this painting for her.  I told him I wanted it to be the "view" from her room.  This picture doesn't do it justice.  There is so much detail like a teeny tiny tinkerbell.

She needed a special light fixture so My mom got her this chandalier for Christmas.  I got those hands from Disneyland, put some wire in them and made it look like it was holding the chandalier.  I also made all the pillows on the bed that were lacking from the first photo:

The Mickey and Minnie end tables were a group effort.  My mom made the templates and my stepdad cut them out of wood.  I got some cheap stools from Ross and my husband attached the heads to the stools.  I painted the whole thing with chalkboard paint so the girls can draw on them.

The whole room cost about $500! 

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