Monday, May 9, 2011

Collage wall update

Well thanks to some of your great input, I have started my wall collage.  Pallavi directed me to the amazing Vintage Revivals Blog where I saw this wall of mirrors she created for under $75:

In case you missed the first post, this is what I started with:

I dragged my kids to the thrift shop and picked up 6 frames for under $25 and then Michaels for some spray paint.   I needed to decide how to lay it all out. I would have done it on the floor but I didn't want to take the mirror off the wall so I mapped it out in photoshop. I roughly measured everything and used a 1'=1" scale:

In real life, I was really happy with the way the right side turned out but I couldn't seem to get the left side right (remember when I said I "roughly" measured everything).  So I went to Homegoods to find something different (the bird).   You don't want to know how many holes are under those pictures.  hah!  Here is what I have so far.  I may add to it later:

With the frames, bird, and paint I spent about $50.  What do you think?

UPDATE: I got a bigger frame for the left side which is my favorite one!!  Hoping it looks a little more balanced now.  :)


  1. The right side turned out great! I like the exact sizes of the varied frames! But I do see your concern w/ the left side however it doesn't look bad by any means. Maybe the right side frames need to be more varied in size, more like the right side? That way u can get the cool negative space that u produced on the right side? Anyhoo, these are just my initial thoughts. By the way, can u post a pic of the collage "head on" (whatever the technical term for that is haha)?

  2. ***Maybe the left side frames need to be more varied in size, more like the right side?

    (Sorry for typo.)

  3. I think you're right P. Maybe I just need a bigger frame in the bottom far left spot?

  4. YEs, bigger frame on the bottom far left. LOVE the bird - adds a little "spice" said previously, can you please come decorate my house?!?!?

  5. Yeah that could work! Which brings me to my feedback :) I'm thinking that the 3 frames on the left might be too close in size? I like how on the right u have that small (wallet-size?) frame, which creates that space underneath. On the left, u have that happening a bit underneath the bird, but maybe more of that could be cool? Also, simply just playing w/ the placement of the left 3 frames could work in producing that space that u have on the right (which I personally like!)... Hope that makes sense and is at least somewhat helpful! :)

  6. First off, I might have to steal this idea:) Love it! And I agree with the above, frames on the left would create more interesting negative space if they were more varied in size. Love the bird!

  7. THanks everyone. I may just go back to the thrift store tomorrow! :) I'll update again. Blogging is such a great idea--you all can fix my problems for me. haha I knew it was off but for some reason couldn't see how. It's definitely that the frames are too close to the same size! Duh!!