Monday, May 2, 2011


I was trying to come up with an idea for my daughter's 2nd birthday invitation.  She is having a fairy tea party because my girls just LOVE tink!  I found this cute invitation online:
BUT I really like things to have a more personal touch.  Plus I wanted to throw in something tea related.  So I dressed her as a fairy, took a picture of her, and made my own silhouette. 

I just LOVE it eventhough most people may not even notice that it's her.  I may use the image for some things to put around the party.  I'm not showing the full invitiation until it reaches its intended recipients at the end of June. 
It was so much fun I threw one in for my last client with her pictures because her baby had such a cute profile:

So what do you think?  Do you think people would be interested in custom silhouettes as framable pictures and/or custom invitations/cards?


  1. Absolutely! I know someone that has a simple profile of her daughter above her fireplace.

  2. I love silhoette's!! I have one of each of my kids ( of course, we got them done at Disneyland....) They are all adorable! I love the vintage feel of them and they have such character!!

  3. Hah! My mom and I have some from Disneyland when I was a kid too! She was mad they gave her a doubl chin when she really didn't have one. I don't think it ever got hung up. haha